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Terms defined inthe Policies and Procedures for Use of Facilities shall have the same meaning when used in these rules and in the Schedule. Persons using any facilities must at all times adhere to the following rules and to all reasonable instructions given by any duly authorized representative of the church:

1. Use of alcohol, tobacco or related products at any facility is strictly prohibited. No direct promotion or advertising of such products is permitted on or in association with any activity or event taking place on the premises.


2. Events, programs and products at any facility MUST NOT VIOLATE wholesome Christian family values. Events or activities at any facility that are deemed to be contrary to the values of the church are strictly prohibited.


3. No profanity or illegal activities shall be permitted on or around the premises. Inappropriate activity and/or activities that are sexual in content or context are strictly prohibited on the premises.


4. Mixed gender children on the premises must at all times must be supervised by mixed gender supervisors according to approved ratios.


5. NO ANIMALS shall be allowed on the premises at any time.

6. NO FOOD is to be brought to (or sold on) the premises without prior approval.


7. At no time shall any church property, FLC property or any other facility property be removed from where it is normally kept or used on the premises without the expressed permission of the Administrator.


8. Any person using any facility shall assume all risks reasonably attendant to or arising out of such use. Neither the church nor the FLC shall be liable for any loss/damage of property or injury to any person recieved by anyone during the course of using any facility.

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