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Building Usage Policy

Quest Church has been richly blessed with a beautiful facility. The hopes and prayers of our church is that God will allow us to utilize this facility to reach our community and those that are not currently attending a church of their own and help all to become “fully devoted followers of Christ.” The building itself is just a tool to help us accomplish our mission. The people of Quest are the true work of the ministry. 

However, our facility makes much of our ministry possible and therefore the building must be handled with great skill, care, diligence, wisdom, and prayer. Included in this statement are general guidelines that reflect our values as a church. We ask, that as you use the facility, you treat it with great care and respect as you would your home, as this is our church home and it is used to do great work for the Kingdom of God. 

Our main sanctuary is our largest space available, and is frequently used for classes, conference, meetings, seminars, speaking engagements, support groups parties/celebration, small intimate weddings, small receptions, special events, bridal/baby showers, worship nights, talk shows, book releases, album releases, and so much more… 


The Church is equipped with a complete sound system, audio-visual equipment, stage lighting and microphones (including stands) are also available for rent. The maximum seating capacity is 100 persons.


An appointment is required to view our facility. Please read on below for more information about use of Quest facility. We look forward to working with you on your rental space needs. 

Guidelines for Use of Church Facility

Approved Users and Priority of Use. The Lead Pastor or official designee must approve all uses of Church facility. Generally, priority shall be given to individuals who are in fellowship with the Church congregation, their immediate families, and organized groups that are part of the ministry, organization, or sponsored activities of the Church. Church facilities and equipment will be made available to other individuals or outside groups who meet the following qualifications. Use of the Church facilities for other than that approved upon the application form is strictly prohibited.


Scheduling an Event

When scheduling an activity at Quest, contact the Church Office as soon as possible in order to fill out a “Facilities Usage Request” form. Once approved, it will be placed on the Church Calendar. The group or person seeking to use Church facility must submit a signed Church Facility Use Agreement. The group or person seeking to use Church facility must be willing to take responsibility for the Church facility and equipment used and must agree to abide by the Church’s rules of conduct for facility use, as stated below and as described in any additional instructions by Church staff. If a scheduled activity is cancelled please notify the Office as soon as possible.


The building is closed on the following holidays and will not be available for any outside usage: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. Overnight use of the building is only permitted for church ministry use and requires approval from the Facilities Supervisor and/ or Executive Pastor.


Building Availability 

The Church Facility is available any day between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. except when being used for church services, our ministries or other commitments. 

  • The building is not available on Sundays 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (worship services) 

  • The Church Office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Use outside these hours may be approved by the Lead Pastor or official designee. No one is to remain in the building past 11:00pm without prior authorization.



Use of church property is on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order for a facility to be reserved, a “Facility Request Form” must be completed and a deposit (half of the rental fee) to hold date on calendar. 


Church Activities

All church activities take priority over outside rental groups, with the exception of scheduled weddings. Should the need for a facility for church use conflict with the scheduling of an outside group, church activities take priority.


Emergency Scheduling Conflicts 

The church reserves the right to pre-empt any facility use for its own in cases of emergencies, such as funerals. Notice will be provided as early as possible.


To secure a date to use facility, a non-refundable deposit (half of the total rental fee) must be paid to hold date on calendar. If the deposit is not paid within 7 days of receiving the signed “Facility Request Form,” the agreement will become void. We will not secure your date before we receive your initial deposit.


Available Spaces to Rent 

The church has 3 designated areas available for your meeting or event: A general outline of rental fees can be found below.


Sanctuary The maximum seating capacity is 100 persons.

Office The maximum seating capacity is 5 persons.

Social Hall The maximum seating capacity is 25 persons.

Kitchenette Includes refrigerator and a microwave. 

Room Configuration

All rooms have been designated with a standard room set-up. Any set-up changes requested by the group are subject to approval by the Facility Supervisor/Coordinator. 


Food and Drink 

Dining or the serving of food is limited to pre-approved designated areas of the church. Food and drinks in classrooms or sanctuary is not permitted, unless pre-approved. Please check with the Facility Supervisor/Coordinator. In children’s rooms and students’ areas all food and drinks must be pre-approved. 


Facility Rental Rates

The Quest Church standard facility space rental ratesare as follows: 

RENTAL FEES: Rental fees are subject to the needs of the Group and the equipment being used within the Kitchen. The Church reserves the right to waive, from time to time, the fees for certain non-Church organizations. The Church also reserves the right to refuse any application if, in its sole and absolute discretion, it deems the proposed purpose to be inappropriate for the use of the Church facility.


One-Time Usage (Members)

Sanctuary                        $125

Office                              $20

Social Hall                      $20

Kitchenette                      $20


One-Time Usage (Non-Members)

Sanctuary                        $250

Office                              $40

Social Hall                      $40

Kitchenette                     $40


On-going Usage (Members)

2 Days Weekly                 $200/Month 

1 Day Weekly                  $150/Month


On-going Usage (Non-Members)

2 Days Weekly                $400/Month 

1 Day Weekly                  $300/Month

Time Segments 

Fees are based on one segment of time. We currently offer three-time segments: 

  • Morning Segment 

  • Afternoon Segment 

  • Evening Segment

A segment is considered to be 3 hours. If more time is required, agreement to an additional segment at the appropriate rate would be necessary. 


What’s Included in the Space Rental? 

The Space Rental Includes the use of the following amenities: 

  • Air Conditioning/Heat

  • Restroom

  • Parking  

  • Standard Room Configuration 

  • Tables 

  • Chairs 

  • Podium

Additional Use Costs 

There is an additional service fee for the items listed below (based upon availability): Use of these amenities requires a Quest technician/operator.If needed, this should be included on the Facility Use Request form.

Sound System                                $25

Audio-Visual Equipment               $25

Projector Screen                             $25

Display Image on 65” TV              $25

Display Image on two 30” TV’s    $25

Staging & Lighting                         $25 

Keyboard                                        $25 

Drums                                             $25

Available Furniture as needed 

Pre-Payment Policy 

Full payment for the space must be received at least 10 days before the event date or the space will not be available for use. Any payments within 10 days prior to use must be made in cash. 


Payment Methods 

Payments may be made via CashApp. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS.



If you need to cancel your meeting space use, we request that you notify us immediately. In the event of cancellation, a full refund will be provided minus $25 for processing, as long as notification is received at least 72 hours prior to the event. 


Emergency Scheduling Conflicts 

The church reserves the right to pre-empt any facility use for its own in cases of emergencies, such as funerals. Notice will be provided as early as possible. 


Security Deposit

A $100, refundable, security deposit will be requested by the Church to cover any damages that may arise in connection with the use of the Church facility.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: There is a security deposit required for all Kitchen Rentals. This deposit will be refunded to the Group within 30 days upon termination of rental agreement if the facility is left in a clean and orderly state at the conclusion of the rental term. If any damages to the Church facility occur as a result of the Group event, cost to repair damages will be deducted from security deposit. If the resulting damages cost more than the security deposit, the Group is responsible for the full amount to repair said damages. The Church, in no way, shall agree to pay for damages resulting from Group event. All damages shall be repaired by the Church and/or its contractors; the Group agrees to pay the Church for the total amount of all costs incurred in the repair. This deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of Group event.


Liability releases

All individuals and groups using our facility are expected to exercise reasonable care and judgment in such use in order to prevent defacement, damage, or breakage. The person signing the Facility Use Agreement Form shall be responsible for paying costs incurred by the church in cleaning, repairing, or replacing any part of the building or its furnishings and equipment which in the judgment of the Church Administrator has been carelessly or irresponsibly subjected to more than normal wear and tear by the individuals or group involved. 


Injuries Policy 

Renters will assume full responsibility for any injuriesto persons attending the event. 


Building Access

A facility representative will be on duty during the time of usage. If questions or needs arise during the event this individual should be contacted. Facility Keys are not passed out under any circumstances. There will be a Quest Representative available to open the doors an hour before the event and lock the doors after the event. 



  1. Contact Quest administration office to complete a “Facility Request Form,” and obtain a copy of policies and guidelines. 

  2. In order to secure a date, pay non-refundable deposit (half of the rental fee) and security deposit. The balance of rental fee and the clean-up fee are due before the event occurs. 

  3. Events, programs and products at any facility MUST NOT VIOLATE Christian values. Events or activities that are deemed to be contrary to the values of the church are strictly prohibited.

  4. A copy of the rules and regulations will be given to each group requesting rental.

  5. The person requesting use of the facility must schedule a meeting with the contact person to discuss building use regulations. 

  6. Events should end in a timely manner. Any event running past the designated times are subject to overage fees, including but not limited to surrender of security deposit.

  7. Quest reserves the right to restrict or refuse the rights and privileges of anyone or any group who willfully violates of any of the guidelines or regulations laid out in this policy. 


Church Property

Church related materials or church property of any kind are not to be removed from the church premises. Ministry furniture and equipment are not to be removed from the church without the consent of the Facility Supervisor/Coordinator or a member of Quest staff. The requesting individual/group assumes full responsibility for the costs of damage, repair, or replacement. 



Staging must not be moved in the sanctuary. Furniture (including tables and chairs), should not be moved from one room to another. If there is a need for these items, or for a change of staging, it should be indicated on the Facility Use Request form when the room is requested. The Facility Coordinator will advise as to the availability of said items, and options for staging.  



Decorations, posters, etc., are not to be put on any wall of the facilities or in any place that might damage walls, floors, carpets or furniture. Nails, screws, thumbtacks, tape, or glue, are not to be used in any part of the building unless specifically authorized by the Facility Supervisor/Coordinator.



There is no excess storage available for organizations other than church groups and, as such, all organizations using the facility will be responsible for storing necessary items offsite. 



Parking shall be in designated areas only. There is absolutely NO parking on any Church grounds

surface (i.e. lawn and sidewalks) other than the parking lot. There will be ONLY two parking spaces available in the facility parking lot directly in front of the Quest Church entrance reserved for Pastors, leaders, and event host.


Our facility parking lot is adjacent from the Quest building. All guests are expected to park in the guest parking lot. Street parking is also available on the side streets surrounding the church. Parking is available only during the period of time that a group has contracted to use the facility. Parking is available on a first- come, first-served basis and excludes certain spots specifically reserved at all times. 


Any damage to vehicles is at the owner’s expense. The church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property. 


An assigned parking lot worker is advised to ensure the parking lot rules are carried out. The loss of the church/plaza parking lot privileges will be enforced if the rules is not regarded. 

Please do not park in the following areas:

Saturday Morning

In the church/plaza parking lot, No parking spaces are available in the parking lot for guest & members. 


Sunday Morning

All Parking spaces after the beauty shop door moving toward Rascal House Pizza including the side parking spaces near Rascal house.


Parking spaces directly in front of Howards Jewelry.

Parking spaces directly in front of Longwood Beauty Supply.

Parking spaces directly in front of Beauty Salon.

Parking spaces after the beauty shop door moving toward Rascal House Pizza including the side of Rascal house.

Parking spaces on either side of plaza. 

Supervision of Children and Youth 

Children should be supervised by their parents or responsible adults at all times and should not roam freely on church property. 



The church holds a high expectation regarding respect of property and persons. It is expected that renters maintain noise levels that respect others in adjoining spaces. Abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drug or alcohol use are strictly prohibited on Church premises. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be required to leave the premises. The following items are not allowed in the church or on church property: Weapons, Alcoholic beverages, Tobacco products, Fireworks, Controlled substances/drugs.



Animals are not permitted in the Church buildings or on Church grounds unless being used for

sight assistance.


No direct promotion or advertising of such products is permitted on or in association with any activity or event taking place on the premises. No signage/advertising may be posted on Quest property without PROIOR permission from the Facility Supervisor/Coordinator. 

Renters may NOT use the name of Quest in any publicity without PRIOR permission.


Renters may list Quest address for directional purposes only and must provide Quest with copies of any literature, pastors, publicity, etc. advertising the event. The sponsoring organization must be clearly identified. 


Renters should not list Quest as a contact for information. Quest will not be responsible for informing people cancellations, changes, etc. 



Our church works to maintain a safe and secure environment within the facility; however, no systems are foolproof. We ask that all users pay close attention to personal property and valuables, not leaving them unattended. The church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property. 


Original Condition

In order to maintain the beauty of our facility; all groups must leave the faciliy in its original condition. All lights, heat, air conditioning must be turned off and the building secured at the conclusion of the meeting/activity. 

Clearing and Cleaning
The Church Facility Agreement shall identify the renters’ obligations for clean-up and any fee associated with the Church providing clean up services for the renter. The renter is expected to leave the building reasonably clean and remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event. Groups are responsible for leaving areas as they found them. The building must be completely cleared and cleaned no later than 11:00 pm. Exceptions to these times must be approved in advance and will be subject to an additional surcharge.

The group shall be responsible for the care of the Church facilities and furnishings used, plus the cleanup of the Church event room(s) and the Church grounds at the end of the Group event. The Group shall also be responsible and accountable to the Church for any damages incurred, by acts of omissions, while using the Church facilities and furnishings. Any and all damages or breakages to Church facilities and furnishings shall be reported immediately to the Parish Administrator/representative. All damages shall be repaired by the Church or its contractors, the Group to pay the Church for all costs incurred in the repair.

The Group using the Church facilities shall confine their activities to the space allocated to them.

Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the security deposit.


Personal Property 

The Church is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or items left on the Church premises. Personal property should not be left unattended, Quest is not responsible for the loss of personal property. 



Room capacities must not be exceeded. These are established by the Fire Department. The fire lane must be kept clear. Violations of these rules are violations of city codes. Everyone using Quest facility must obey all church rules and all federal, state and local laws, and act in accordance with Quest values, principles, goals and mission. A copy of the rules and regulations will be given to each group requesting rental. 


Final Decisions

In case of doubt or uncertainty by any outside person or group about the application or interpretation of these regulations, or in our customary practices not specifically mentioned here, the Facility Supervisor/Coordinator shall decide the matter and all individuals and groups shall abide by the Church Coordinator directions or forfeit immediately the use of any part of the facility,

If interested in space rental for your event, please fill out an Facility Rental form. If you have any questions please email


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