Membership FAQ

Here are some answers to some of our more frequently asked questions regarding membership.

1. If one is living with someone in a sexual relationship outside of marriage, can they still become a member?

Quest recognizes that our culture and society’s view on sex has permeated the thoughts and behaviors of many people who are sincerely seeking God, but the Bible is very clear that God created sex for marriage. If one is living with someone in a sexual relationship outside of marriage, can they still become a member? Anyone seeking to become a member and is involved in any type of sexual relationship outside of marriage will be given an opportunity to speak honestly and confidently with one of our pastors. The unique situation of each person/couple will be reviewed and all conclusions will be decided in light of the guidelines taught in the Bible.

2. I'm LGBTQ. Can I become a member at Quest?

YES! While Biblical Authority is one of our values, we think you’ll find that we're not a community that throws stones. It's our hope that you feel welcomed and comfortable when you step through our doors.

3. If I have not received the gift of speaking in other tongues, can I still become a member?

YES. As long as you do not oppose the church’s teaching on the subject of tongues and believe that this gift is from God and operates in believers today.

4. Is church membership for super Christians?

Absolutely Not. Church membership is for all people who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, young and old, poor and rich, white and black, rookies and veterans.

5. If I’m still exploring the person and work of Jesus can I become a member?

We’re excited you’re with us! Church membership is specifically for those who follow Jesus Christ. So, for now, we’ll wait. Take your time to ask questions, get connected in community and continue to explore the stunning claims of Jesus Christ. If and when you decide to follow him we’ll revisit the membership topic.

6. Can I become a member if I am not born again?

NO. You have to be born again, and Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior. A person is not considered born again until they receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to be a member of his body. (the church) While involvement in all manner of church activities may make a person religious, it does not mean they are born again.

7. Is it a requirement to be water baptized in order to become a member?

YES. Jesus was baptized (Luke 3:21-23) and He asked all of his followers to do the same (Matthew 28:190)

8. What are the ‘benefits’ of becoming a member?

Church membership is more about what you are bringing to the church, than what the church is bringing to you (the church is the people, right?). At the same time there are certain privileges granted to members, such as priority in counseling, visitation, leadership opportunities, certain service positions, and access to our limited benevolence funds.

9. What is expected out of members?

We will expect every member to give of their tim(participation in community, Sunday gatherings, etc.), treasure (regularly, sacrificial, joyful giving) and talents (serving in some way). The exact conditions and expectations will be spelled out in the membership covenant itself. You are making a covenant with other members of the church, the leadership, before God. Similarly, the leadership will make a covenant with you, before God. It’s a beautiful thing.

10. Do my children become members when I do?

If your children are under the age of 18, they will automatically become members if you include their names on your membership application.

11. If I want to become a member, but my spouse doesn’t, what do I do?

We will handle these situations on a case-by-case basis. Ideally, both husband and wife join together..

12. Is membership required for serving and leadership within the church?

We will require membership for all leadership positions and most service positions.

13. What are the requirements that must be met for anyone wishing to serve in ministries at Quest?

1.You must be a member 2.You must have completed the Quest Foundation New Membership class. 3.You must attend a Life Teams training class. Check the online calendar of events and the Screens when classes are offered.

14. Can I become a member at any time?

At this time, No. We will have set times during the year (i.e. three to four times a year) when we will hold a Membership class and open the opportunity to anyone who has just joined us or recently became a Christian.

15. Can I be a member of Quest and another Church at the same time?

While you may choose to attend two churches, you can only be a member of one church. If you retain your membership at another church, we would be happy to have you as a friend of Quest and attend services whenever you wish.

16. How long will I be considered a member?

We will ask all members to renew their covenant commitment annually.

17. What if I choose not to become a member?

We love you and are entirely for you. We will not, and cannot, force anyone to become a member. That would be weird. All we can do is present the biblical case for membership and call every follower of Jesus to gladly embrace becoming a covenanted member of Quest Church. It’s a vital component of your personal discipleship.

18. I have LOTS of questions. Where should I turn for answers?

Pastor Rena’ and her team would love the opportunity to answer your questions and get to know you better. We can be reached at (216)510-5559.

19. After I attend Discovery Quest, what's the next step to get connected as a member?

We ask you to make your decision publicly, in accordance with (Matthew 10:32-33), by coming forward during the decision time at the close of one of our Sunday services. 1. Salvation 2. Baptism 3. New Members Class 4. Church Covenant 5. Membership Celebration To get connected as a member, you must have a personal salvation experience with Jesus Christ and be obedient to Him in baptism. If you haven’t done that, that’s step one, and you can do that when you come forward we’ll have leaders to help you. If you’ve already accepted Christ and been baptized by immersion, you do not have to be baptized again.



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