Fasting Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Fasting.

What is Fasting?

Fasting is voluntarily denying the body by giving up something (usually food and drink) so that you can focus more on God, communicate with Him in prayer, and deepen your relationship with Him.

Why should I Fast?

There are numerous reasons to fast: to gain a closer personal relationship with God; to pray for healing and against sickness or danger; or for the salvation of a loved one; and many more.

What is the significance of Prayer with Fasting?

Fasting should have a purpose, and this purpose is conveyed to God in the form of prayer. Prayer before a fast, at various intervals during the fast, and at the end of the fast clarifies our purpose, and focuses us on what God may be telling us as we spend time with Him.

How long should I fast?

The length of a fast can vary. We will be fasting as a church for three weeks. The length of a fast should be determined by each individual, after praying about how long God would have them fast. Always consult your doctor before beginning a fast.

How do I start fasting?

Once you have decided to fast, seek God in prayer to determine your purpose in fasting. Then proceed to abstain from food and drink for the period of time you have committed to.

I have a health condition, or have trouble fasting for long periods of time. Are there other kinds of fasts?

Yes! Some of the other kinds of fasts include: a partial fast (from sugar, soda, or certain kinds of food); or the Daniel Fast. The main purpose of fasting is to intentionally give something up so that you can focus more on God in prayer and seeking Him. Always ask your doctor before starting a fast.

What should I do about my prescribed medications?

Always consult your doctor before beginning a fast, and follow the medical regimen they prescribe. You may also want to try the Daniel Fast.



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