Worship Set List


We are excited to be able to resource you with the names of the songs we sing each week, as well as the names of the artists and links for you to download the songs to use in your own personal worship throughout the week.

At Quest, we believe that growth doesn't just happen on the weekend; it continues throughout the week. It continues in quiet times, prayers, conversations and small groups. These Set List series are here as a resource for you. Use them individually, in a group setting or share them with a friend in need. The worship Set List for this weekend is available here. 

Come prepared to sing each week by checking here each week to see what we will be singing on Sunday!


We also like to give to the ability to come prepared to sing along with us in our worship services. Check out our Worship Setlist to help you be able to worship throughout the week and in turn be able to worship corporately on Sunday mornings.