Qualifications For Serving at Quest Church

1. Growth Chart

Prior to serving we believe that each volunteer should have an opportunity to go on a 4 week journey of learning who we are, what we believe, and how you are equipped to play a role in what God is doing at Quest Church.


2. Membership

It is our desire that those who would like to partner with us through serving have attended Quest Church regularly for a minimum of 3 months and has gone through the process of membership. Membership is Required. 


3. Relationship

We believe that connection to Christ is vital as we are serving. We ask that each member commit to maintaining a growing relationship with Christ through times of prayer, bible reading and attending church regularly.

Represent unique expressions of the heart of God in our community. 

Find out what's happening at Quest and how you can get involved. 

Connect, Grow and Serve

Bible Verses About Serving. Serving God is one of the most important principles of the Christian faith, as believers are expected to serve the church with a joyful spirit. 


Scripture References

Romans 12:11 

1 Samuel 12:24

Hebrews 6:10

Ephesians 2:10

1 John 3:18

Service Ministries Teams

(Serve With Us)

Serving at Quest Church Creates a level of Depth and Fellowship beyond just attending services. 


There are a lot of ways to serve at Quest but finding your perfect fit isn’t always easy. At Quest, we believe every member is a minister.  The following is a list of our ministries and other serving opportunities to help you find a ministry match. If one or more potential opportunities interest you, reach out to the ministry coordinator and he/she will get in touch with you.  Thanks for helping us continue to broaden and deepen as a church who has a passion to bless others. Search below for opportunities to serve at Quest. Serving opportunities can be filtered by ministry area, and type of activity.

Joining a Serving Team: 


Apply – Click on the link below for the area where you would like to serve:


Hospitality Department:

  • Transportation Team

  • Parking Team

  • Security Team

  • Greeting Team

  • Ushering Team

  • Welcome/Guest Service Team

  • (VMF Team) Visitor Member Follow-up

Worship Department: 

  • Vocal Team

  • ​Psalmists (of Song) 

  • Musicians Team

  • Psalmists (Musicians) Team 

  • Flags/Banners Team

  • Dance Team 

  • Drama Team

  • Poetry Team 

Media Department:

  • Audio Engineer Team

  • Music Team

  • (LO) Lighting Operator Team

  • Computer Team

  • Graphic Design Team

  • Photographer Operator Team

  • Videographer Operator Team

  • Recording Team

  • Broadcasting Team

  • Social Media Team


Small Groups Ministries:

  • Preschool (2 years-Kindergarten)

  • Elementary (1st-4th Grade

  • Student (5th-8th Grade)

  • Men's Ministry 

  • Women's Ministry 

  • Single's Ministry

  • Marrige Ministry 

  • Finance Ministry

Administration Department

  • Administrator

  • Director of Administrative Service

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Events Coordinators

Maintenance Department:

  • Facilities/ Maintenance Team

  • Visual Appearance Team

Outreach Department:

  • Local Outreach 

  • Global Outreach

Compassion Ministries:

  • Prayer Ministry

  • Counseling Ministry 

  • Member Care Ministry 

  • Pastor Care

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At Quest we want to express our

Love  for God  and our Love for people. Every service, and every ministry within our church is designed to help people grow in their love for him and their love for others. 


12:00pm  - Communion Service
12:30am - Worship Service

7:00pm - Corporate Prayer
7:30pm - Midweek Bible Study

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