Church Is a Priority

The Bible encourages us to make it a priority to be planted in the local church, and we encourage you to do the same. 

We Need Each Other

God ordained the local church since the beginning because He knew we needed each other. By committing to be involved at Quest, you not only stay strengthened in your walk with Christ, but you stay encouraged through your fellowship with other believers.

Our Purpose Is:

To Serve God: Serving God through those whom He has called to make disciples of all men. God is our ultimate “client”, therefore we serve every ministry as unto God. We are committed to keeping God and what He is accomplishing around the world as the central message of each media tool we develop; placing the ministries we serve and their people and programs as a very important second to God.

To Serve Freely: Everything we have: talents, gifts, resources, equipment, etc. all belong to God and are available to Him to be used according to His will to build His kingdom.


To Serve Professionally: We serve with the utmost of professionalism in quality and integrity. We will always strive to keep on top of technology and technique so our members can be confident they are getting media tools that will represent them and God well.


To Serve Fully: We serve each member as if they were our most valued client. We will go the extra mile to ensure the product is exactly what our members needs to accomplish the Great Commission.

Touch a Life at Quest

Everyone has a gift, and at Quest Church we’ve got a place for you to put your talents to work.
Serve with Us.

About Service Teams

Service Team Ministries provide a warm, friendly, caring, and comfortable experience for Quest attendees and guests during worship services and special events.  Exciting teams of volunteers impact thousands of lives and build lasting relationships by serving together on a weekly basis.

Join the Service Teams!

Our Service Team Ministries (STM) provide many exciting and rewarding opportunities for you to grow spiritually and personally, serve others, and build valuable relationships through ministry. Quest has several ministries that anyone can choose to participate in after completing New Member’s Class:


Part of our strategy is to ignite a passion to follow Jesus, to embrace a calling to use the gifts, skills, and abilities God has trusted to us. We believe God has equipped His church for His work, and we want to connect you to the ways you can serve. Serving helps you as much as it helps us. God uses your serving to grow you while being the hands and feet of Jesus to others.

Our mission is achieved by providing well produced, strategic communication and support services that serve and encourage members and the harvest of humanity so that we can fulfill the Great Commission.

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  1. Jesus

  2. Salvation

  3. Baptism

  4. Commit

  5. Connect

  6. Grow

  7. Serve

Scripture References

Matthew 25:40

1 Peter 4:10 

At Quest Church we want to express our Love for God and

our Love for people. Every service, and every ministry within our church is designed

to help people grow in their

love for Him and their

love for others.

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