Worship Ministry

Spirit filled and diverse music that helps turn all eyes and hearts to Jesus.


About the Worship Ministry

Our Worship Team is a contemporary Team that leads our worship with songs to reflect our love for God. We look for God’s love in our lives as the evidence that we have been truly worshipping Him. We celebrate together with high-energy music. We were created to glorify God and live with passion, freedom, and authenticity. We believe this happens as we worship God in spirit and truth. The Worship Team seeks to lead our people in loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, through the creative gifts God has given His church.


Worship is what we were created for

Why does the Lord invite us into a place of worship? The Lord, in ​H​is mercy, designed it for us to find our fullest expression in life standing before ​H​im accepted, delighted in, and ministering unto Him in thanksgiving and praise. God always chooses the best. If God, in loving us, chooses to design us as worshippers, then what's the point? You always become like what you worship. There’s nothing ​H​e could want more for us than for us to become like Him. With that in mind, He designed us to be worshippers.

 At Quest, there was a line drawn in the sand where we said, "This is why we’re alive, this is our supreme responsibility, our great God-given opportunity to be those who minister to the Lord." 

Our Mission

Passionate Worship


What is Worship

Worship is the act of showing respect and love for God. 

Worship is obeying God and giving excessive admiration to him. 


We at Quest believe the worship is an integral part of our life to together in Christ. We gather to praise God through music, scripture, spoken word, visual arts and prayer. 

​Corporate Worship

We encourage and welcome families to worship together during our services. There is a great, long-term benefit to children and students gathering with the church as a whole for worship. There, they observe their parent(s) and others singing praise to God and soaking up His Word.


​It's All About God's Presence

Worship creates a space for us to experience the tangible presence of our good Father. We believe it's what we're all created for.

1. Worship: The Supreme Call

Were designed to respond to God's presence with worship, and as we do so, we are continually transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Thanksgiving and praises are necessary sacrifices, but in worship, we ourselves are the living sacrifices. 

2. Worship: Faith, Freedom & Work

Faith plays a key role in our worship to the Lord. Faith isn't mental acceptance, rather it has a physical expression in our actions. Faith is central to worship because without it, we can't please God. Let's step out of fear and into faith as we worship God in spirit and truth!

3. Worship: The Postures of Praise 

There are different postures of praise found in the Bible. Just like King David, we're invited to find God's heart and develop an affectionate connection with Him. 

4. Worship: The War of Peace

Scripture says that we enter His gates of praise. When we praise the Lord even when it's difficult, we give Him an offering that becomes an access point into His presence. Let's go through the gates. 

How to Get Involved:

Within the Worship Ministry, we have several opportunities. 

Click here to fill out and submit an online Enrollment Worship Team application. You can also pick up an application at the Guest Service, complete it. You will be contacted with further information.

Requirements For Joining Our Worship Team

  • Must have a personal, born again relationship with Jesus Christ 

  • Must have attended Quest for at least 3 months

  • Must be a tither

  • Must be at least 18 years old  

  • Weekly rehearsals are held Tuesdays, 7pm – 8:30 pm 

Bible Verses About Worship - Focus your mind and heart on God with these verses and let your praise go up. Jesus said we are to worship in Spirit and truth, and these verses will help you do that.

God created us to be instruments with the ability to sing and make music. Music is an important part of worship and praise to God, so it only seems fitting that bible verses about music can be found throughout scripture. Rejoice in the sound through this collection of bible verses about music!


Scripture Reference About Worship

Psalm 71:23 

Psalm 105:2 

John 4:23-24 

Psalms 95:1 

1 Chronicles 16:23-31

Psalm 86:9-10 

Psalm 100 

Psalm 150:1-5 

Psalm 98:1-7 

Psalm 135:3 

At Quest Church we want to express our Love for God and

our Love for people. Every service, and every ministry within our church is designed

to help people grow in their

love for Him and their

love for others.

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