2. Click the link (see yellow arrow), and it will open to a new screen. Click “open zoom.us”. *if nothing appears, click “click here”

3. Enter your name, hit “remember me” then “join meeting”

4. A video screen should appear, like what you see below. Once you reach this, there are a few important next steps:















  a. If prompted, select “join with computer audio”

  b. If you would like the service to take up your full screen, click the square

      expand button (see orange arrow).

  c. In the yellow box below(it will no tappear  yellow when you see it),click the

  “Mute” button and the “Stop Video” button. Once this is done, both should look like this. This way your video and         sound will be muted

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the service, it is very important to have your video on Mute so sound from your end isn’t heard by all. While it is not essential to have your video off, it will help to keep the focus on the service. Additionally, please to do not use the chat section during the service as notifications will appear and cause distraction.


5. When the service is over:

a. Select “leave meeting” (yellow arrow #1), which will open the “leave meeting” box in the middle of the screen

b. Select “leave meeting” (yellow arrow #2) and that will exit the meeting entirely

At this point you can exit out of the video and the website entirely. If there are future events taking place on Zoom (i.e. meetings, meditations, services), an updated “meeting” link will be sent to you and use these instructions to join again!

Instructions for Using Zoom (on a smart phone or tablet)

1. Go to the app store on your device (Google Play, Apple, or Amazon App Store)

2. Download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” onto your device
3. Open/Launch the Zoom App

4. Select “Join A Meeting”

    a. Type the meeting ID number (provided in email you will receive)

    b. Add “screen name” (i.e. Carol Pynchon)
    c. Hit blue“Join”bar

5. “Zoom would like to access the camera”àhit ok
6. Hit “join with video” or “join without video”
7. “Zoom would to access microphone”à okay
8. “Zoom would like to send notifications”àdon’t allow/your choice 9. Hit “mute” & “stop video” at bottom of screen

10. When done, hit  red“leave”in top right of screen, then“leave meeting”



At Quest we want to express our

Love  for God  and our Love for people. Every service, and every ministry within our church is designed to help people grow in their love for him and their love for others. 


12:00pm  - Communion Service
12:30am - Worship Service

7:00pm - Corporate Prayer
7:30pm - Midweek Bible Study

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