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1. Purpose of Handbook

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Vision 
Vision Statement 


2. Leadership Expectation

2.1 Setting a High Bar

2.2 Growth Chart

2.3 Impact on Church Growth 

2.4 Attendance/Absence 

2.5 Attire

2.6 Personal Grooming 

2.7 Leadership Schedule

2.8 Service Preparation 

2.9 Post Service 

2.10 Church Growth 

2.11 Tithing/Giving 

2.12 Financial Vows 


3. Leadership and Lifestyle

3.1 Family and Home

3.2 Prayer Life  

3.3 Relationship

3.4 Conflict Resolution 

3.5 Character

3.6 Conduct 

3.7 Teachable 

3.8 Bible Knowledge 

3.9 Growth in Relationship with Christ

3.10 Servant Leader

3.11 Accountability

3.12 Elevation

4. Tips for Leaders

4.1 Leadership Communication

4.2 Leadership Profiles 

4.3 Updating Your Information 

4.4 Confidentiality

4.5 Reaching Pastor  

4.6 Church Reference & Association 

4.7 Solicitation 

4.8 Order

4.9 Boundaries

4.10 Resignation

4.11 Dismissal



The pages of this handbook provide a general overview of procedures and guidelines that Quest Church has established for its leaders. Please read through it carefully. The handbook should serve as a guide for you as you begin or continue your service at The Quest. However, it is obviously not possible to anticipate all situations that could arise in ministry or provide information that addresses every possible situation. As a result, Quest reserves the right to modify, supplement, rescind, or revise any policy or procedure as necessary or appropriate. 



Thank you for showing interest in becoming a Leader at Quest Church. It is a joy and a privilege to welcome you to our team! You are an answer to a prayer; an important piece of the puzzle and an integral part of what God is doing at Quest! We are looking for leaders that will be committed and loyal to the Life and success of Quest Church having its best interest at heart. It is important that you understand some things about the “Leadership Culture” we strive for here at Quest. We are not just looking for warm bodies. We are looking for empowered servants who are excited to do ministry, not just perform tasks. This handbook defines our leadership expectation. We aspire to have a leadership team that keeps our church on mission.

Before being considered to take a leadership role, candidates must be a member that tithe, and must have attended Quest regularly, as a member, for a minimum of one year. Above all, the decision to fill leadership roles are ultimately at the full discretion of our Pastor.


Before we take a look at all the essentials of our leadership, we want to take a brief look at the Vision and Vision Statement of our church.



Mark 12:30-33 & Matthew 28:19-20
Love God. Love People. Love the World
The Great Commandment (Love) 
When Jesus, steps into a complicated and cluttered religious scene, and was asked by some of the religious leaders, “what is the greatest commandment?” Jesus replies; “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-3

The Great Commission (Make Disciples) 
Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” “… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

We envision a mature church, centered in love, that is seeking God’s kingdom, passionately, through prayer. Focused on growth through reproduction that continues to multiply. 



All leaders at Quest Church should be aware of and agree to our Leadership Expectations Statement before stepping up to lead. These expectations are in accordance with our understanding of leadership from a Biblical perspective, and are appropriate for leaders since they represent the church and its beliefs.  Included in this document are specific examples of how we can live out our values together as well as some tips on how to be an effective leader.

Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” “… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” We envision a church with a leadership team that seeks God’s kingdom passionately through prayer, for vocation and service as we grow up together in Christ. As a leader of Quest Church, you play an instrumental role in helping us achieve our church & leadership vision. The church needs leaders – those with the capacity, courage and character to lead the way and bring others along with them. Leading is a form of ministry, a sacrifice of time and energy on your part to help the church respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. By your leadership, Quest Church grows, matures, and advances the kingdom of God in Cleveland and beyond.
Below you’ll find some expectations for leaders and some tips on leadership at Quest Church. Please be sure you fully agree to these expectations before stepping up to a leadership role at Quest.


1. Setting a High Bar
At Quest we set the bar high. We are honest and upfront about expectations here at Quest. We have weekly Follow ups with each leader if they fail to meet their commitments.

2. Growth Chart
We believe that connection to Christ is vital, as we are serving. We ask that each member commit to maintaining a growing relationship with Christ through times of prayer, bible reading, mediation on the word, journaling, fasting, sacrificial giving and attending church regularly.

3. Impact on Church Growth
Having consistent success in convincing guests to attend services, and guests being converted to members. 


4. Attendance/Absence
If any leader at Quest does not attend church regularly and demonstrates a lack of commitment to Quest Church that person will not be permitted to stay in leadership. Each leader is required to Attend Weekend and Wednesday Midweek Services, Tuesday and Saturday leadership classes and meetings, along with two small group ministries. Leaders are only allowed four late arrivals per year, all services included. Sunday absences or late arrivals are excusable only in the case of scheduled vacation or emergency. For vacations, submit written documentation thirty days in advance. Every leader is allowed two vacations leave per year, not including vacation time scheduled with the church. If you are not attending church, please call Elder Ackie Bailey.


5. Attire
As a representative of the church and God, leaders should exhibit a neat, comfortable and well-groomed appearance. It is important and expected that all leaders dress modest and appropriately for the tasks they will be performing. Leaders should dress in a way that honors God and presents a good image of the church. We won’t take away your individuality in style, we only ask that you be relevant and stay flexible.

6. Personal Grooming
You should strive to look your best. Be neat and clean. Keep your clothes clean, mended, and pressed. Do not wear clothing that is casual, wrinkled, or sloppy. Good hygiene is a must. The church generally expects you to take pride in your appearance and to strive to project a positive image when representing the Quest Church and the Lord


7. Leadership Schedule
Leaders must always be in the building and in their seats a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled time of any service/event.

1. Weekly leadership team meetings, members meetings, and leadership retreats for encouragement, training, and sharing.

2. Meet Quarterly with Pastor

3. Attend regularly and be involved in a minimum of two small groups. 


Sunday Team Meeting 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Doors Open 9:00am

Leaders In Seat 9:15am

Songs of Thanks 9:30am

Class Start Time 10:00am - 11:00am

Sunday Worship Class 11:00AM

Class Start Time 11:00 - 11:30am

Communion Service 11:45AM - 12:00PM

Doors Open 11:30am - 11:45am

Communion Opener 11:45am 

Worship Song 


Worship Song 

Closed Prayer 

Half Time12:00PM - 12:15PM

This is a time to say hello, grab a coffee or tea, or visit the restroom.


Pre-Service 12:15PM - 12:30PM

​Corporate Worship/Praise All Leaders in Position 12:15pm - 12:30pm

Worship Service 12:30PM 

Doors Open 

Welcome/Call To Worship 

Prayer & Worship (20min)

Intro To Word 

Song Before Word of God 

Word Of God 

Altar Call/Prayer



Saturday Leadership Class 9:00am - 2:00pm

2nd & 4th Saturday

Doors Open 8:30am - 8:45am

Leaders In Seat 8:45am

Class Starts 9:00am

Break 12:00pm - 12:20pm

Class Resumes 12:20pm  

Class Is Dismiss 

Wednesday Midweek Service 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Doors Open 6:00pm

Leaders In Seat 6:45pm

Prayer 6:30pm

Praise & Worship 7:00pm

Bible Study 7:15pm




Tuesday Leadership Meeting (weekly) 7:00pm-8:30pm

Doors Open 6:00pm 

Leaders In Seat 6:40pm 

Leadership Meeting 7:00pm



8. Service Preparation
Each leader should Come to every meeting/service prepared and on time. Everyone is encouraged to participate in our group discussions, and no one is given permission to dominate. Everyone is given the right to his or her own opinions, and all questions are encouraged and respected.


Each leader is expected to stay organized and always prepared with the items listed:
1. Black binder with 4 dividers and 4 black notebooks for Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
2. Black folder with their Quest calendar, Leadership Expectation sheets
3. Amplified Classic and New King James Version Bible (not replaceable with devices but welcome in addition to the Bible’s)
4. Each leader will be asked to download the Holy Bible and Webster Dictionary app on your tablets or/ and phone for class.


9. Post Service
1. After each service/event each leader is to first greet every visitor, then member.
2. Leaders are required to stay after service until all guests have cleared the building.
3. Each leader will then take 20 minutes, after all guests have cleared, to complete any cleaning assignments.

10. Church Growth
It is every leaders job and mission to fill up every empty chair at Quest. Each leader will work together to fill the empty chairs with unchurched families, individuals or couples. Each leader is responsible for a new member being added to Quest Church every year.


11. Tithing/Giving 
All leaders must tithe. Tithes should be paid first, at the time of increase/income (payday, etc.) In addition, all leaders will be provided with their giving records quarterly. 
All leaders must be Givers 
All Leaders that See the church as community, and having a willingness to be obedient to the word of God in giving of their time, talents, skills, tithes, offerings, seeds and other resources selflessly. 


12. Financial Vow
Each leader is responsible for annual Financial Vows click here to read. 



As a leader at Quest, you are a role model and a representative of the church. When your lifestyle is in keeping with the vision and values of the church, it speaks powerfully to the truth of the Gospel and its power to transform culture. Conversely, if leaders are living a double life, using their influence for selfish gain, or doing things which undermine faith, hope and love, this confuses church members and leads them astray. This compromises our witness as a community of faith and causes us to lose credibility in the local community. You have an opportunity to model the life that is truly life in your ministry as you walk alongside those you serve. None of us are perfect, obviously. We all struggle against sin, yet Christ followers move toward Jesus and away from behavior or lifestyles that are displeasing to God and harmful to us or others. Though still sinful, they increasingly see victory over sin as the Spirit continually works to transform them into the image of Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). If confronted, leaders should demonstrate a humble spirit and be willing to enter into self-examination and seek to use that as an opportunity to draw closer to Christ. We are all under authority, and believe that God himself rules us through the authority given to the council of leaders in the church (Matthew 16:18-20).


1. Family and Home 

A priority commitment for every leader is to his/her family. While the demands of church ministry can become great, it should never be at the expense of one’s relationship to his/her spouse or children. Quest Church is passionately committed to building strong families. A leader will model a God-honoring commitment to his/her family; an example that is consistent in the home, in the church, and to a watching world. (Ephesians 5 & 6).


2. Prayer Life
Leaders must have consistent and dedicated time to, privately, communicate with the Father daily, resulting in more powerful corporate prayer as well as greater relationship with the Father. 
1. Devote yourself to prayer.
2. Pray for your Pastor and for your team members.
3. Pray regularly for the church and for the city.


3. Relationship
Quest is a growing church, and growing churches thrive on the churches genuine, loving, and personal relationships among its leaderships’ team. A general rule of thumb for us at this stage of our team development is to grow in relationships by working through things in personal ways. We want to master being a winning leadership team setting the course for others to follow. Remember we’re centered in love. If there’s an issue with a special someone use our conflict Resolution.


4. Conflict Resolution
Conflict is inevitable and should be dealt with in leadership as soon as possible, because conflict left unresolved can tear the church apart. Do as Matthew 18 says, “If another believer sins against you, go privately and point out the offense. If the other person listens and confesses it, you have won that person back. But if you are unsuccessful, take one or two others with you and go back again, so that everything you say may be confirmed by two or three witnesses. If the person still refuses to listen, take your case to the church.” We will commit to resolve conflict biblically. When conflict or sin issues between leaders arise, we want to make sure that we are honoring God and each other in the way we deal with these issues.

5. Character
Leaders are expected to Live a believer’s lifestyle in and outside of the church. Displaying the characteristics of Christ sincerely. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

6. Conduct
As a leader, what we say has great influence. It is expected that a leader’s speech will be a positive example to those who follow him/her. The Bible speaks of our tongue as having tremendous power, both for good and evil (James 3). A leader is expected to guard his/her speech carefully, being positive and encouraging, building up the body, and supporting the vision and leadership of the church always “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). A leader is also to be known as one whose speech and actions have earned them a good reputation in their community. (Titus 2:6-8)

7. Teachable
A characteristic of a growing leader is to be teachable. A leader will model a teachable spirit through consistent participation in quarterly Leader Huddles as well as other developmental opportunities. Quest is dedicated to providing excellent leadership training and equipping opportunities. Similar to participation in Sunday morning services and QC Groups, participation in these leadership training opportunities benefit not only the leader personally, but also encourages Quest Church’s body of leaders.

8. Bible Knowledge
Leaders must agree to being trained and then having an advanced knowledge of characters and stories discussed in the Bible. Ability to apply scripture to everyday circumstances, resulting in faith and trust in God. 

9. Growth in Relationship with Christ
Leaders are to show positive change in areas of life that previously conflicted with Gods word. Coming to agreement with the teachings of Christ and making the lifestyle changes that reflect them. 

10. Servant Leader
Jesus not only calls us to be leaders (Matthew 28) but t be a Servant Leaders (John 13). The essence of the servant leader is to be a servant first. It is someone who is willing to put others needs above their own. In practice this may mean giving up or putting aside personal wants to reach those around us.

11. Accountability
Quest endeavors for every leader to be supported and encouraged by our Pastor and Elders. They are there to support and pray for you, and to help you discern how God is leading you in your particular walk. At our weekly leadership meetings, all the leaders will gather together to share how God is at work in their life, relay any concerns or challenges, and receive training and discipleship. We agree to let our fellow leaders hold us accountable to commitments we make in whatever loving ways we decide upon. At the same time, giving unsolicited advice is not permitted.

12. Elevation
Leaders are always being observed. They are expected to show the characteristics that the Bible says make a good leader. Each leader will be evaluated annually. Evaluations will prove a leader’s readiness to move into greater responsibilities.




1. Leadership Communication

Each leader will be given a Quest Church email address. We ask that you sign into your Quest email on your smart phone and any other device that you use regularly.  For day to day communication, leaders are asked to download the GroupMe App. Keep all notifications on and audible, so not to miss any important communications. Leaders are sent text alerts and emails weekly. We ask that you respond to each email and GroupMe message, to confirm that you’ve received it.

1. Fulfill your responsibilities that’s been communicated to you to the best of your ability.
2. Take feedback. Find ways to improve. your skills. Read. Practice.
3. Respond to leader emails promptly and keep your team well informed about everything that is going on
4. Give advance notice as much as you can. Respect the time sacrifice of your team members. Use their time well.

2. Leaders Profiles

Quest keeps a profile for each leader. Your profile is considered to be confidential information, and only the church administration team, and Pastor will have access. You may request to view your own profile at any time. Leader Profiles typically contain the following information:
• Membership Application 

• Serving Application
• Leaders Profile Sheet
• Leaders Profile Picture
• Giving Reports
• Training certificates
• Letters of affirmation/appreciation
• Spiritual gifts testing and progress reports
• Documentation required by law or any other regulatory agency, such as screenings and background checks (such as for leaders who work with children or teenagers).

3. Updating Your Information
It is important that the church has up-to-date, complete, and accurate information about each of the leaders who serve at Quest. If there is a change involving your name, address, phone number, marital status, employment, income, pay period, etc., please notify the church administration team immediately by emailing Note in the subject of your email “Profile Update”. The body of the email should include any information that needs to be updated.

4. Confidentiality 

We will strive to create an environment where everyone can be real, open, and honest with their struggles and victories. What is said in the group stays in the group, unless permission is given to share it elsewhere. Confidentiality might be the most important ground rule because without a culture of safety and trust, honest conversation is impossible. Anything that is said in our meetings is never repeated outside the meeting without permission.

5. Reaching Pastor
When reaching out to Pastor Rena’, a phone call should be the primary method of communication.  Please limit calls before 8:00 AM and after 10:00 PM. If there is no answer allow a minimum of 30 minutes for Pastor to respond before trying a second time. If there is still no answer, leave a voicemail/ or send a text to her cell (stating the reason for call) Before calling the Pastor, ask yourself if it is possible to consult an Elder or fellow leader instead. Always consider individuals that may be in position to answer your questions about specific events or areas of ministry. 

PLEASE DO NOT EVER give Pastors personal number or address. If you know someone in need of prayer or counseling have them fill out a “Prayer Request” or “Connect Card” on the church website and it will go directly to our pastoral team and someone will reach out within 24hours. If the need is urgent, contact Pastor YOURSELF, providing HER (Pastor Rena’) with the persons contact information. Pastor will then make the decision if the situation can be handled by an elder or member of leadership, before reaching out herself.

6. Church References & Association
Out of respect for the church and our Pastor, do not use Quest Church or Pastor Rena’ as a reference for employment, legal reasons, marketing etc., without first asking and receiving permission from Pastor herself.

7. Solicitation
In an effort to ensure a productive and harmonious environment, no one may solicit or distribute business literature at any of the church’s location at any time for any purpose. Any request from outside persons or organizations to sell merchandise or distribute literature must have approval of the Lead Pastor.

8. Order
Quest is a Church of givers, as well as a Church of order. Though we may see opportunities to be a help to our fellow leaders and members, we must always do things in proper order. Before giving, we ask that you involve Pastor in the decision, to be sure that it is an appropriate act. You would be surprised how a simple gift could give a sense of entitlement to the giver or a feeling of obligation to the recipient, putting unnecessary stress on the relationship as well as the churches a whole. Please know we have a benevolence ministry and we’re constantly establishing new organized ways of support.

9. Boundaries
If you have a question, a concern, feel tired, burnt out or need help of any kind, please make your needs known. Pastor Rena’ is here to support you. Burnout is real. It happens all the time. Burnout usually happens when you combine busyness, over commitment, lack of sleep, etc. The heart of burnout is spiritual. It’s usually related to doing the right things for the wrong reasons. For example, when we serve to impress, we end up exhausted and never feel like we’re doing a good enough job. When we serve to “feel good,” we end up resentful that people are not more appreciative for our “sacrifice.” All service and ministry need to be motivated by joy and love, otherwise it quickly leads to burnout, exhaustion, self-pity, and bitterness. Sacrifices will need to be made, but if we’re responding out of our identity in Christ in thankfulness for God’s love, it won’t feel so much like a sacrifice. Rather, it will be a natural overflow of thankful love. When we can rest in Christ’s righteousness given to us by faith alone, we can serve joyfully, and we don’t overdo it because we don’t need to prove anything. 

Commit to the lessons, teachings, and encouragement of Bible study and the small groups or seek mentorship through our mentorship ministry so that someone is investing in you even as you are investing in others. If you sense yourself getting spiritually dry, don’t ignore it. Talk to you pastor before you burn out. We’re always here to support you.

10. Resignation
If you are experiencing some dissatisfaction or discontentment that is leading you to resign, be sure to discuss your concerns with Pastor. Ideally, talk with Pastor before circumstances reach the point that you feel that resigning is your only option. If you’re convinced that the changes that have been suggested won’t help, perhaps a different Ministry would better suite your gifts, abilities, and passions. Leaders who desire to leave Quest should attempt to give at least two weeks’ notice (preferably both verbally and in writing) of their intent to resign.

11. Dismissal
Dismissal from leadership positions at Quest is a rare occurrence. However, it may occur if a leader commits a serious offense. As with other serious violations of a moral or spiritual nature, the church wants to help those who are struggling with problems and who express a sincere desire to change. Out of a spirit of Christ-centered love for all people, including those who serve at Quest, the church may offer Pastoral counseling, or make a referral to seek the assistance of a local counseling program. Some offenses may warrant dismissal, particularly if the leader doesn’t express remorse or a willingness to change.

Note: Any conduct that contradicts the beliefs and rules of Quest Church will result in a timed probationary period.  Any misconduct during or after probation will result in immediate dismissal from leadership.


We hope that this handbook has been clear and helpful. If you understand the expectations stated above, and would like to make a commitment to joining the team, we would be happy to have you as a Quest Church Leader. We believe you have the potential to make a great impact here in our church as well as the body of Christ. Making this commitment to spiritual growth and service to the church is a big step toward living out the purpose that God has created for you. We would love to have you on this journey with us and we are excited to see what you may bring to the team. Thanks, we look forward to growing with you!
Note: Quest is constantly changing and revamping policy and procedure in our effort for an excellent ministry, so we ask that every leader have a good and positive attitude toward change.


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