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In-Person Sunday Worship

All Church Email 4-24-2021


Dear Quest Family,

As we gather for worship in the midst of this pandemic, it is vital that we allow God’s Word to guide us – over and above our own thoughts, feelings and preferences. 


Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus… (Philippians 2:3-5)


I’m writing to tell you that Quest has a pre- tentative plan for our regathering with a “soft opening” as soon as July 1 and a “full opening” as soon as September 1; and to share the reasoning of that plan and the details of its execution, as best we can say for now. 


To keep you in “The Know”, the details for Sunday & Wednesday worship service are outlined below.


Please read below before joining us for Sunday April 25th Worship Service! In order to worship together, we will follow these guidelines:


Worship Service Procedure  

At this time, we will operate under “Members Only” Strategy. Worship services is limited to “members only” that have RSVP.  We can only accommodate a limited number of members  safely with pre assigned seating, and moderate social distancing guidelines. Please Remember no guest can be invited!!! 


Doors Will Remain Locked 

Entrance doors after a certain time will remain locked  during Sunday and Wednesday Services. Doors will open 15 minutes before service begins and will be locked 15 minutes after service has begun.


COME EARLY: Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to service start time to make sure there is plenty of time for the required symptom screening on your way into the building. 


If you arrive before the Doors are open, we ask that you remain in your vehicle until doors reopen. (Knocking on the doors will not be permitted nor tolerated) Once the doors are locked we will not reopen the doors for entrance.

No Exceptions!!!!

Times Doors Will Be Open And Lock  



Sunday Morning Class:

Doors Open 9:45am        Doors Lock 10:00am


Communion Service:

Doors Open 11:45am      Doors Lock 12:00pm


Sunday Service:

Doors Open 12:15pm      Doors Lock 12:45pm 



Wednesday Prayer:

Doors Open 6:30pm        Doors Lock 6:45pm 


Wednesday Bible Study:

Doors Open 7:00pm        Doors Lock 7:15pm


Assigned Seating

Available seating is safely planned and clearly marked to allow for distancing. Upon entering the building, our Hospitality/Usher’s Ministry will be available to assist you and direct you to your assigned seat.


Our goal is to seat you with your family (those living in the same household) and for you to be able to maintain a safe distance between yourself and others who are not part of your household.


To keep our congregation safe, we ask that you please continue to wear a mask while in the building. 



Restroom capacity is limited to one person at a time and limited to necessity/extreme emergencies.


Hand sanitizing stations will be available.


Additional Notes

Now that vaccines have been developed and are being distributed, we are allllllmost there!


Vaccines will be available to every adult who wants one by April 27th without appointment (Walk-ins)


We have begun to imagine that every adult of our church who wants to be vaccinated can sign up by April 27; and that most of us could have our first shots by May 15; and that most of us will have full immunity (after 2 shots, with between 2 & 3 weeks between them as the longest interval, and 2 more weeks for mature immunity) by the end of June. Thanks be to God!


We understand that many of Quest members are already fully vaccinated, and many more are on their way. I’m not yet fully vaccinated, but well on my way, It will be many more weeks before I will be fully vaccinated.


We do not know how long we will have to continue worshiping under these conditions, but we will continue praying, and monitoring when is best before we will return to normal activities, as soon as it is considered safe to do so the doors will be open to all. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in all of these things. 


Through our regular communication channels, we will notify you when Quest Church reopens for normal day-to-day operation.


We will notify you of any changes to this plan that might become necessary as soon as possible.

All this is with COVID in mind and your safety at heart!!!!!


- Pastor Bey 

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