Leadership Meeting Agenda Tuesday, 7pm

DATE: March 30, 2021


March 16, 2021 Meeting


  1. Worship Service Review

  2. Impact, Cans & Charity Giving 

  3. Passion Week 

  4. Resurrection Sunday 

  5. Breakfast 

  6. Corporate Church Fast 

  7. Mother’s Day 

  8. Men’s Month

  9. Father’s  Day

  10. Men’s Summit

  11. Elevation Service

  12. Class Act Charity Event 


Class Act Charity Event  

1. Worship Service Review

​2.  Impact, Cans & Charity Giving 

1st Payment was Due March 27th $200

3.  Passion Week

Passion Wednesday March 31st, 6:45pm

Good Friday April 3rd, 6:45pm

4.  Resurrection Sunday 

Sunday, April 4th, 12:30pm

5.  Resurrection Sunday Breakfast 10:00am

Breakfast Menu Items Include:

Red & Green Grapes, Mandarin Oranges, Pineapples,Black & Blueberries

Croissants, Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, Boiled Eggs 

Sausage Links & Patties & Tuna Fish



$10 Adults, $5 Kids 

(please cashapp $Questcc) This Friday 

6. Corporate Church Fast

Monday, April 12th - Friday April 16th 


What You Can Have:

Chicken & Fish


Fruit & Yogurt 

What You Can't Have: 

No Meat (Beef, Pork or Turkey)

No Carbs (Bread, Pasta, Potatoes or Rice)

No Snacks (Sweets, Sugar, or Pop)

Eating Time:

Anytime (No Restrictions)


Water 12/14 8oz Glasses minimum per day

Only 100% Juice
Tea with no Sugar



7.  Mother’s Day Weekend'

Pedicures, Massage & Escape Room

Saturday May, 8th TBA


Mother’s Day Dinner 

Sunday May, 9th 4:00pm

RSVP By April 18th because we have to make Reservations.

Cancellations: If you cancel once you have RSVP, you will still have to pay. 


8.  Men’s Month June TBA 

9.  Father’s Day TBA

10. Men’s Summit Saturday, June 26, 2021 TBA

11. Elevation Service 

Sunday, September 12th, 2021 5:30pm


No Morning Meeting & Class

Doors Open 12:00pm

Sunday Service 12:30pm

Our Goal is to leave the church by 2:30pm

Meet at the Croatian Lodge at 3:00pm 

Set up Decorations & Literature 3:30pm

Run through the Service 4:00pm

Finish with everything by 4:30pm   

Elevation Service 5:30pm

12. Class Act Charity Event  ​

Sunday, October 10, 2021


Door Open 2:30pm

Event 3:30pm - 6:00pm

After Party 6:30pm - 7:30pm



We Are One 

Embracing The Human Race

Leaders Charity Seed 


March 27th  (4th Sat)  $200

April 24th    (4th Sat)  $200

June 12th     (2nd Sat)  $140 

July 10th      (2nd Sat)  $140 

Charity Representatives 

2 Reps per leader 


Ticket Distribution

Saturday, April 24th





Saturday, July 24th 


Ticket Confirmation & Money Collection

(First & Last Name)


Saturday, July 10th 


Saturday, July 24th 



Saturday, Aug 14th 


Tuesday, September 7th


Representatives Ticket Prices

2 guests $20 per ticket

4 guests $10 per ticket 


Guest List 100 (Capacity 150 max)

29 Total Tables

23 Leaders Tables 

4 VIP Tables 

4 Juges Tables


Leadership Tables

2 Tables each 


Seats Per Table

4 seats per Table

VIP $350

$200 Guests Tickets   $150 Donation   

2 Guests     $175

3 Guests     $116.67

4 Guests     $87.50

5 Guests     $70

6 Guests     $58.50

7 Guests     $50

8 Guests     $43.75


VIP $500    ($100 gifts)

$200 Guests Tickets   $200 Donation

2 Guests     $250

3 Guests     $166.67

4 Guests     $125.50

5 Guests     $100

6 Guests     $83.30

7 Guests     $71.14

8 Guests     $62.50

4 Scenes (Color Theme: Red, Black, & White)

1st Scene   Opener: Red T-shirt & Blue Denim 

2nd Scene Casual:  Black

3rd Scene  Casual:  White

4th Scene  Formal:  Black & White 


Vendor Goal 4 

Vendor Table $40 with 10 Canned Goods 

Price Increases to $75 after September 1st with 10 Canned Goods

Vendor Assistant $20 with 10 Canned Goods


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