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Media Teams 

​Media Ministry is an important and vital aspect of the worship experience. The Media Team is composed of sound and visuals techs providing audiovisual technical support for worship services.


1. Audio Engineer Team

Consists of sound technicians who support the audio needs for Speakers, Musicians, Actors, Video and DVD presentations, etc. 


2. Music Team

Consist of music technicians who support the music needs for worship service, church productions, and special events.

3. (LO) Lighting Operator Team

Techs control the lighting systems by working with light panels, and lighting board, as well as aiming, and focusing lighting for services.

4. Computer Team

A team of techs whose primary responsibility is to operate computers, software, projectors, tv, and projection screens.  

5. Graphic Design Team

Provides visual communication for worship service using imagines, symbols and words. 

6. Photographer Operator Team

Responsible for all cameras used and photos taken during service for the church. 

7. Videographer Operator Team

Primary responsibility is to video tape our Sunday/Midweek Service, Events, create videos, operate, and manage video playback devices.  

8. Recording Team

Responsible for audio recording of the Sunday Worship Services and other special services. 

9. Broadcasting Team

Responsible for Christian communication on radio and television.  

10. Social Media Team

​Connect our church with the community and promote various activities and events through social media platforms. 

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