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The purpose the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to serve. In order to be a servant, we must first have it in our hearts that we are ready to serve. This means giving service to God through the Woman of God, respecting her and complying with the charge that God has given her as our Pastor. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry must look at the office that our Pastor occupies for God and not view her as just another woman. Every Pastor’s Aide member is responsible for understanding that the ultimate goal is to be a blessing to the Blessing that God has given to our church.

As a ministry, we are to support our Pastor and her family spiritually and emotionally through prayer and with a variety of activities and other services. We take responsibility for providing various items for the Pastor to accommodate her office and other needs. The ministry also plans and leads the church in celebrating the Pastor’s Anniversary, Birthday, Appreciation events, and other Special occasions. If you have a heart for service, prayerfully consider assisting us in service to our Pastor!

We offer Pastor Care in the following areas:

Anticipates The Pastor’s Needs

Anything the pastor needs, the pastor’s aide committee is there to ensure she gets it. Their goal is to ensure there is no lack for the pastor or her direct family members, including her children. This may include providing the pastor and her family with lodging, transportation and meals, whether she is home or away from home. If the pastor needs anything during her sermons, such as water, juice or mints, the committee ensures that these items are on hand and made available to the pastor. If the pastor is out of town, the committee may send him a card, money or care package.

Spiritual, Financial & Emotional Support System

The pastor’s aide committee serves as a spiritual, financial and emotional support system for the pastor, as well as her family. As such, committee members may be privy to details or areas of the pastor’s life that other congregants may not be aware of. Working as a pastor’s aide committee member requires the highest level of confidentiality. Otherwise, the pastor’s personal business and needs can become gossip among church congregants.

Pastor Appreciation

The pastor’s aide committee is responsible for showing emotional support and appreciation to the pastor on behalf of the other congregants. On occasion, the committee may host a celebratory service for the pastor and her family. When planning for such services, the committee will solicit gifts from the congregation. The committee recognizes occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and Father’s Day. If the committee feels the pastor is emotionally drained and in need of a sabbatical or vacation, they will gather up enough money from the congregants or among themselves to send the pastor away for a while.

Guest Minister Accommodations

Whenever a guest minister comes to speak at the church, the pastor’s aide committee is responsible for anticipating his/her needs. In many cases, someone from the committee will reach out to the guest minister or his assistant to see if he/she has any special needs or preferences. For instance, the guest minister may prefer grape juice as he/she ministers. The pastor’s aide committee helps to ensure the guest minister is comfortable during their time away from their home church.

Scripture Reference About Counseling 

Ephesians 4:11

Jeremiah 3:15 

1 Timothy 5:17-18

1 Corinthians 9:9

Galatians 6:6

1 Thessalonians 5:12-14

2 Chronicles 31:4-10

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