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SCHOLARSHIP Distribution Guideline

Attention all High School and College Graduates:


Dear Prospective Applicant:

Enclosed you will find the scholarship application for Quest Church. Please complete the entire application and return to the church office in the provided sealed envelope. Deadline is the First Sunday in May (Sunday, May 3, 2020). 


Quest awards two scholarships:                                                                                                      

  1. Major Renewable Scholarship of $500.00 per semester for four years providing student has at least a 2.7 GPA. (Fall and Spring semesters)

  2. Basic Renewable Scholarship of $250.00 per year for four years providing the student has at least a 2.3 GPA. (Fall Semester)


Please mark your calendars for these special dates:

  1. Third Saturday in June (Saturday, June 20, 2020 - Graduates Recognition Luncheon (Red Lobster, Longhorn or Outback) 1130 – 1PM

  2. Fourth Sunday in June ( Sunday June 28, 2020) - Graduates Recognition @ the 11:00AM service. Please complete the Graduates Recognition form attached in provided sealed envelope. 


Please supply any photographs of your graduate to the church office in provided sealed envelope to use for a video presentation at the graduates recognition day. Deadline is the First Sunday in May (Sunday, May 3, 2020)





Scholarship Distribution Guidelines

Revision; June, 2012

Students wishing to receive a monetary scholarship from Quest Church must meet the following: membership; age and hours; Christian lifestyle and G.P.A. requirements.



You must be an active member of Quest Church and in good standing at the time of application, which means that you meet the standards of active membership according to the Quest Church policy, you are involved in an area of ministry and if employed, a consistent financial contributor (tithing). When school is not in session you are expected to attend the church fellowship and functions of the ministry.


Age and Hours

You must be a Full-time Student graduating from high school or a GED Program. Students are no longer eligible to apply after the fifth (5) year following their scheduled high school graduation date or after their 24th birthday.

Students meeting the criterion listed in these guidelines can apply for a Quest Scholarship annually until they either graduate or have received the scholarship for five (5) years, whichever comes first.


Living a Christian Lifestyle

Students are expected to exercise good moral judgment and behavior to be eligible to receive a QC Scholarship. Parents and students alike are expected to respectfully decline receipt of the scholarship if there is knowledge of behavior by the student that is questionable such as: sexual promiscuity (fornication), pregnancy; co-habitation without a marriage license, drug abuse, criminal activity, or any such behavior that is contrary to the clear teachings of scripture concerning Christian behavior.

Activity that occurred prior to the draft of this document (September 12, 2007) will not be considered an offense and cause for denial of financial assistance. Hence forth, not living a Christian Lifestyle will be considered cause for denial of funds.


There is no G.P. A. requirement for freshmen entering into college. The scholarship will be awarded if all other requirements are met. Entering the Sophomore through Senior year, you must meet or exceed the G.P.A requirements listed below:

Year of school


G.P.A Required

Sophomore year 2.0

Junior year 2.5

Senior year 3.0

If all of the above listed requirements are met, students must obtain a scholarship application annually once the application season is announced.

All forms must be completed and placed in a sealed envelope along with a copy of the student’s letter ofacceptance, for first time college students, or a copy of final grades and/or a transcript for continuing students. It is the responsibility of each student to submit the form before the deadline.

No information will be accepted after the deadline date posted on the form. Students will receive a call or email to verify their information no more than one week after the form is received. If the student has not received the verification call within one week, please contact the scholarship committee to be sure that your information has been received. Students will be notified of disbursementamount by mail. Funds should be received by the student’s school within four weeks of the notification.


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