First Seven Days Personal Prayers

Day 1, January 11 - Repentance

(Prayer of Repentance)

Lord Jesus, I’m tired of the sin struggle in my life I can’t flirt with sin and not be hurt.

I feel distant from You. My choices have not led me into the right places.

I’ve listened to the whispers of my enemy instead of Your words in Scripture, and the result has been disastrous. I once walked with you, my heart tender to Your leading. Yet little by little, I exchanged Your truths for temptations and deceit that led me away from You. Instead of taking thoughts captive and confessing them immediately, I allowed them to grow totally out of control.

Repentance was not in my vocabulary. Blame, cover-ups, or trying to reason and rationalize sin never work. They only give birth to deeper sin entanglements. You created me in Your own image, Lord. You know my thoughts before I speak them. You x-ray my heart and see through my excuses and intentions. Your Spirit warned me, but I ignored You. Disappointment and discouragement have taken their toll on me. So today I’m confessing my desperate need for You, but I need Your help. You have promised that if we will confess our sin, You will forgive us and make us clean again.  You won’t hold our sins to our account—You remember them no more--and that You place them as far as the east is from the west both humbles me and fills me with amazement and gratitude.

I understand that my repentance won’t eliminate the consequences of my sin. No consequence could ever be as painful as knowing how my sin hurt You or how You suffered for me out of love. But I take all the blame—I own my own sin. Show me where and to whom I need to ask forgiveness or how to make amends.

Lord, I truly need Your forgiveness.

Repentance is on my heart and lips. I want to turn around and head another direction—back to You, Lord.

I return to You now, repenting of all my idols and acknowledging You as Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Day 2, January 12 - Restoration

(Prayer of Restoration)

Father I pray for restoration and that your restoration may include new boundaries around my life Lord, You paid for my sin with your own death. Your crucifying death gave me eternal life with You.  I am the one who broke fellowship with You and I am crushed over the way I treated You and Your name.

Lord, Just as You created the world out of nothing, Lord, create a clean heart out of my “nothingness.” root out the darkness and light up my life with Your holy presence.

Restore my life and the fellowship we once shared together.

In restoring me, help me understand what went wrong. Show me how my destructive patterns first began. What did I allow to become more important than loving and honoring You? Why did I seek satisfaction in others or other things than You? You are the only One Who provides all my needs. You fill up the soul with deep down joy and peace beyond all understanding.

Teach me how to say no again to things which could harm myself or my testimony. Help me to surround myself with positive encouragers who will hold me accountable and who will speak the truth in love. Truly, shame melts away and we are healed when we confess to others and ask for their help.

Thank You, Lord, that sin does not disqualify us. Instead, like a runner who has fallen but who gets up again, I, too, am willing to start again and finish the race You have set for me.  I will not give my enemy the victory. Instead, I will accept Yours. Instead of a meltdown, with Your help I will allow Your Spirit to give me a hot heart for You, one that seeks You and wants to live for You the rest of my life. Lord, with your restoration I’m willing to help others find their way back to You again, Lord, You place grace next to my regrets and give me hope for a new future.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your sweet forgiveness and promised restoration.  In Jesus name, Amen

Day 3, January 13 - Gods Strength

(Prayer for Gods Strength)

Loving Lord, I know that I have a little strength and that in my own power I would fall apart. I praise Your name that Your grace is sufficient for all my needs and that Your power is made perfect in my weakness.

Father, I long for the power of Christ to rest and remain in me and to dwell richly in me, so that like the apostle Paul I can even rejoice in my weakness, because Your power is upholding and sustaining me every step of the way. Father, strengthen us to fix our eyes on Jesus. Praise Your holy name for Christ perfect power that is also perfecting me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Day 4, January 14 - Obedience

(Prayer of Obedience)

Dear Father, You are a righteous, holy, and just God, awesome and blameless in all your ways. Lead me in the way of Your righteousness. Please help to me to obey be willing to receive your blessings whenever you are ready to hand them over.

Teach me to be flexible to Holy Spirit's guidance, yield to your instructions at all times and follow when you lead, walking in Your obedience that i may have live and extend my days.

Day 5, January 15 - Prayer for Humility  

Lord, I pray for the heart position of humility please give me a humble heart. Lord,  I welcome You to mold and secure my  heart in true humility by Your lead. I desire Humility in such a way that I may be in alignment with why Im here, and that it’s for a greater purpose than just my own gain. I pray that You will highlight to me what it truly means to live a humble life, and reveal by your light my worth. It is only then that I may truly live in freedom and right standing, and hold my own value correctly. In Jesus name, Amen

Prayer to Walk Humble

Father, In Micah 6:8 You say, “O people, the LORD has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Today I choose to walk humbly with You. I choose to live by Your  Holy Spirit and to follow Your lead. Help me to hear You clearly, for I do not want to walk by pride or self-sufficiency, I want to walk with You.

Prayer for Humble Spirit

Father, Today I ask for Your help to walk humbly through each day. It is all too easy for me to fall prey to my flesh and to walk in arrogance, but pride causes division and I desire peace. Lord, help me to humble myself  in order that I do not let the lies of the enemy overtake me, rather, help me to count myself as equal with others. It is then that I will stop attempting to be better than others, and I can love their hearts for the unique person You made them to be. Help me to value others in this humble spirit so that I may live to the fullest.  In Jesus name, Amen

Day 6, January 16 - Praying Heart

(Prayer for A Praying Heart)

Father, I need Your involvement in every detail of my life. I’m lonely without you, adrift on a sea of indecisiveness, going nowhere. I choose today to come near to you, to talk with you as a good friend, to share my heart, my desires, my remorse, and my pain. To hear you say, “You are forgiven, my child.” I hereby promise to seek you with everything that I am, and I audaciously receive the promise of your Word that you will not remain a mystery to me, but that I will find what my heart has been searching for all along: A Father who adores me, a Savior who suffered for me, and a Spirit who will never forsake me. Amen

Father, I want to be a Person of prayer Help me overcome the distractions, the temptations, and the obstacles that would keep me from my knees. Instill in me the discipline to answer Your call to pray — to rise before dawn and before I fall asleep at night in the quiet of my home to get alone with You, our God.

Everything else pales in light of Your love and Your desire to spend time with me.. And yet I am guilty of giving You second place. Forgive me Lord. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Awaken my heart’s desire to know You more, to talk with You, to listen for Your wisdom and direction. Help me take hold of this truth — not in a loud “look-at-me-a-prayer-warrior” sort of way, but in a quiet, humble “I love my Lord’ sort of way. Amen

Day 7, January 17 - Read & Study Gods Word Daily

(Prayer to Read & Study Gods Word)

Dear God, Remove pride from us. Remove obligation from us. And return us to You — our first love, the joy of our salvation. I admit that reading the Bible is challenging for me. Yet I desire to be more than a carrier of Your Word. Give me a hunger and thirst for Your Truth. Lead me by the power of Your Spirit to study and apply Your Word to my life. Fill my spirits with excitement over the thought of spending time with You. It really is an amazing thought. You are an awesome God. Thank You for drawing me to You, for loving us so tenderly and so well. You are Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, and our Prince of Peace. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen

Sensitivity to God

(Prayer for Sensitivity to God)

Lord, let me hear Your call. Open my ears to hear Your voice. I don’t want to be a child You must discipline. Make me compliant with Your will. You know me in and out, nothing in my life is hidden from You. So many times, my deeds are corrupt acts of idolatry which is nothing more than spiritual prostitution. The worst part is this sin keeps Your involvement in my life at arm’s length. Lord help me! I am actively pushing away Your warm embrace.  My prideful acts of self-reliance fall back on me testifying of my need for You.  No wonder I haven’t been able to feel Your presence or see Your intervention when I’ve called on Your name.  Forgive me for only calling on You when I was in a jam.  Your manifest presence left a long time ago and I didn’t even know it.  I’m left with half finished projects that did not start with You and it looks like they’ll not end with You either. No wonder my religion is useless and I am taken captive in life.  Lord, I respond to Your call and Your conviction. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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