The class will last for three hours and will consist of a time to learn about the story of Quest Church and share your own salvation story.

  • Our Story (the past, present and future of Quest)

  • Introduction to Leadership

  • How to Get Involved at Quest

  • What Is Involved in Membership

  • Q&A Panel

Break – 15 Minutes

Your Story – 85 Minute

Each new member will have ve minutes to present their story of salvation to their table and table leaders.


After Class

Your table leader will recommend you for membership if they feel that is the best next step. If you expressed any concerns and/or had questions during the class, your table leader will set up a time to meet with you.


If you are recommended for membership, you will be presented to Quest Leaders. Once they affirm you as a member, you will get an email that the process has been completed. At that time, your pro le will be changed from “guest” to “member.”



At the next Celebration Service, we will publicly affirm the covenant and welcome you into membership at Quest Church.