Why Small Groups?



Community Life Groups are small bible discussion groups that meet once a month in homes, public spaces or churches. These groups help you grow spiritually, provide encouragement, and help you build relationships within the church. They are safe places to learn the Bible, ask questions, request prayer and learn from others on how to walk the faith journey. 


Connecting. Growing. Thriving. Serving.

Quest Life Groups exist to help God’s People pursue Him in a meaningful way through Biblical discussion, in a small group setting. As we gather together, we will connect with God’s word, grow in our faith, thrive in our relationships, and serve our communities… together.

No matter who you are or where you are in your walk with the Lord, we all need relationships and encouragement from others.


God created us to experience life together. Small groups are a great way to build these vital relationships. A Life Group is a weekly gathering of three or more people who meet to hang out, learn more about God together and pray. We have Life Groups, Support Groups, and Serve Groups,  available for a variety of ages, interests, and life situations.

At Quest, we believe that we’re better together. No matter where you come from, there’s a group for you. Join a QuestsGroup and experience real relationships that will grow your faith. Learn More

What are LifeGroups?

Quest LifeGroups are about connection and conversation. We know life is hard. That’s why we have Small Groups that are made up of men and women from all stages of life to meet, discuss, pray, and relate. 


Quest LifeGroups provide spaces where people have conversations and create relationships, have fun, ask questions, walk out, and work out their relationship with God. Most groups are between 5 and 15 people meeting every other week. Join a Small Group today to be able to find hope together.


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Frequently Asked Questions

​1. When do Lifegroups meet?

Life Groups meet on a weekly basis during seasons. Our next season begins Fall 2019. During the “off-season” Life Groups stay connected through Meetups. Stay tuned for our next meetup event!

2. Do you have to be a member of Quest to be in a Lifegroup?

Lifegroups are open to everyone, and membership is a requirement! Most times, people feel more comfortable connecting in a Lifegroup setting before making a church commitment. Regardless of where you are on your journey, we want to do life with you!


3. What do Life Groups talk about and do?

Lifegroup members discuss questions based on the previous Sunday’s message. Guides are provided weekly.


4. Where do groups meet?

We meet in a variety of locations such as homes, cafes, public libraries, restaurants etc.