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Worship Teams 

​Worship Team purpose is to help lift the spirits of those in the Body and to help point all to the Holy Spirit. 

  • Vocal Team

  • ​Psalmists (of Song) 

  • Musicians Team

  • Psalmists (Musicians) Team 

  • Flags/Banners Team

  • Dance Team 

  • Drama Team

  • Poetry Team 


1. Vocal Team

The optimum aim for the vocal team is to connect the message of the song to the church. 

2. Psalmists (of Song) 

This team is much more than singers, they are psalmist that set the mood, and the path in which the Holy Spirit is to move among His people. 

3. Musicians Team 

This team creates an atmosphere with instruments for God to manifests His self to people through songs, healing or warfare with Spirit-filled instrumentalists.  

4. Psalmists (Musicians) Team 

This team of instrumentalists our Spirit-filled and Spirit-led they hear music in their spirit and transfers it to instruments. 

5. Flags/Banners Team

Wave Flags and carry Banners as an outward expression of the praise that is in our hearts representing the Christian beliefs and flown as: a declaration of the victory and identifies the one in authority, signals, rallying points, standards of identification, to define battle lines, gives direction and encouragement.  

6. Dance Team 

Prepares an atmosphere of worship and exist to render dance as a form of worship through movement. The purpose of praise dance is to praise God through dance and encourage others to worship God freely without any restraints. 

7. Drama Team

Ministers through various plays and skits, making a connection between the audience and a story that brings out the circumstances of life and shows them that there is hope through Jesus Christ.

8. Poetry Team 

Shares God through inspired composition and spoken word that speaks to the integration of faith and culture.

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