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Policies & Procedures for All Worship Team Members 



To produce the best possible atmosphere for worship.


Job Description

​Worship Team purpose is to help lift the spirits of those in the Body and to help point all to the Holy Spirit. 


Team Criteria 

Joining the worship team is based upon talent/skill, servant attitude, commitment, spiritual maturity, and a heart for worship - but not necessarily in that order. All of these can be nurtured and grown, if the passion and determination exist in the individual. Realize it is a privilege to lead God’s people in worship, and not necessarily a right. It is not the place to show-off our talents or to draw attention to ourselves in any way. Individuals who are unwilling to be held accountable to or meet these guidelines are encouraged to share their gifts in other ways within the body.



  1. Must be 18 years of age to join the Worship Team.

  2. Have a relationship with Jesus Christ and be growing in your faith.

  3. Seek to grow spiritually by reading God’s Word, and spending time in prayer and in His presence.

  4. Have a heart after God and demonstrate a biblical/consistent Christian lifestyle 

  5. Must have a personal time of worship - has an ongoing worship time at home during the week, not just on Sundays. 

  6. Be a regular attendee at Quest even when you are not scheduled to sing.

  7. Be willing to commit yourself to the position.

  8. Be able to “go with the flow” on a Sunday morning.

  9. Have a proper attitude toward the Church, the Pastor, the Worship Director, and Church doctrine.

  10. Follow the leader (we are all servants, but we need to be submissive to the worship leaders) 

  11. Be willing to serve in any aspect of the ministry when called upon. 

  12. Ability to lead, inspire and engage the congregation during the worship experience. 

  13. Flexibility in praise and worship styles. 

  14. Must be PRAYING for the worship team 

  15. Spend time alone with God regularly.

  16. Be dedicated to growing musically outside of practices 

  17. Practice your singing and/or technical skills regularly at home.

  18. Please respond to all texts/emails or groupme alerts within 24 hours of being sent out. 

  19. Please arrive early to weekly rehearsals and sunday morning sound checks to facilitate an on-time start. 

  20. Respect others’ time and skills- be on time & come prepared. 

  21. Have a great attitude

  22. Be a worshipper

  23. Carry a passion '

  24. Know the songs, know your parts

  25. Give God your best 


Communication (GroupME)

  1. We ask all worship leaders to download the Group Me app.

  2. Group Me (Communication within the ministry, please use for ministry use only. Please be mindful of the times in which we use the app excluding but not limited to Sunday Morning worship or special ministry moments. The appropriate times of usage is between 8am-9pm.) Respond quickly to Groupme messages. 

  3. IT'S A MUST. If you don’t use it, you CANNOT be on the worship team. 

  4. Email – Please check your church email on file regularly as new information is sent frequently from the ministry leader or the administration team. Absences from ministry such as vacation, prior appointments etc. should be sent to the ministry leader via email to: at

  5. You will receive an email reminder the week that you are scheduled to sing.

  6. Schedule is also posted on our Worship Team Web page. To verify rehearsal dates and times, Worshipers will need to check this page weekly for updates and necessary information. 


Rehearsal Times - Tuesday Rehearsal 7:00PM - 8:30 PM, Sunday TBA Pre-Service  

Practices are mandatory to play on Sunday morning (at Worship leader’s discretion) 

Attend worship team practice and worship services faithfully. The typical times and conditions are: 

  • Tuesday night practice: 7:00pm to 8:30pm

  • Sunday morning warm-up and sound check: TBA

  • Sunday morning service, 12:30pm

  • Special events as needed (workshops, special services, etc.) Extra practices for specialization or to learn new songs.

Absences /Tardes

  • Anytime you will not be available for your assigned worship service, please notify the Worship Leader as early as possible. 

  • That he/she is able to commit to the practices required, unless otherwise agreed upon from the beginning such as: difficulty with child care, school studies, work, illness, etc. Anyone on the worship team must always make contact the worship leader.

Purpose of Rehearsal 

  1. Rehearsal is a time to perfect songs, not learn them.

  2. Rehearsal is a time to connect as a team

  3. Rehearsal is a time to hear the vision


General Schedule of Rehearsals 

Below is a general schedule or format for rehearsals. They are not set in stone but are a general guideline for the flow of rehearsal. Anyone arriving later than 6:45pm will be marked tardy and consequently will be unable to minister however will be permitted to participate in rehearsal. (Days and times are subject to change in an event there is a special ministry moment, i.e. Pastor’s Anniversary, Women’s/Men's Day or Resurrection Sunday.) 

  • Prayer 

  • Warm up 

  • Practice 

  • Comments/questions 

  • Closing remarks & prayer 

Pre-Rehearsal Prepartions

  1. Make sure you learn new songs during personal practice, NOT at rehearsal. Listen to links on Online Planning Centre page. 

  2. Come prepared spiritually – Come in-tune with God. Ask Him what His heart is so when we come together we can move unified as a team. Take time to seek Him before you come.

  3. Song lists – Will be posted on the GroupMe text alert generally a few days in advance. Click the links to listen to audio recordings and to view the lyric sheet please check email. Strive to sing all songs exactly as posted and commit to memory to ALL the words so that you will not be dependent on lyrics being on screens during service times. We do not provide hard copies of lyrics, we will send emails of the lyrics, so you will be able to print them out and bring your own copies with you.

  4. Pray – We encourage the team to pray for the service. Pray for the people. Before you look at or listen to any music, get a passion in your heart for what you’re doing. Every team member should own the service spiritually. 

  5. Know the Flow – I also challenge them to look at the service flow. This helps them see that it’s not just about the worship. Their contribution is part of a whole service, designed specifically to reach lost people and lead people into the presence of God.

  6. Listen – The next step is to listen to the songs. Don’t try to figure it out. Close your eyes, listen, and feel it.

  7. Keep Learning – After you’ve listened through each song for Sunday, go back and listen again. This time, you’re going to create song charts detailed notes on what You want to document exactly what you’re hearing? What is the song about? Why does the church need to sing this? 


  1. Be ready to rehearse and in position before rehearsal times (rehearsal times will be on the calendar – please be prepared and in place before the start of rehearsal time).

  2. Commit to being on time and focused on the tasks at hand. Please stay focused and on task during rehearsals as well as services 

  3. Function as part of a team know/learn your parts and stick to the plan. 

  4. Listen and understand the plan, takes notes when needed

  5. Be prepared to make any changes to any songs on the song list and be willing to work with all music/worship director while exhibiting a helpful and positive attitude.

  6. Rehearsal time before service is a music, sound, and vocal run-through, not a time to learn the music for the first time. Remember Quest Worship standard is excellence, and there is an expectation to execute all musical elements. Prepare beforehand so our sound checks and rehearsal times are a success and quick. Remember You ‘practice’ on your own and ‘rehearse’ with the worship team.

  7. No Children at Rehearsals because of the fast-paced nature of our rehearsals, children are not permitted to attend rehearsals without supervision. Children cannot walk around in the sanctuary without supervision. This can cause the parent (and other team members) to be distracted and miss important parts of rehearsal. If your children need to be in the building with you during rehearsal, feel free to bring a babysitter to watch your children in the backroom.

  8. Attend the weekly rehearsal for the weekend you are scheduled in order to participate on the weekend service(s) as well as the Sunday morning sound check. However, exceptions do arise; grace wins! Examples of special exceptions are below but not limited to: 

  • Sickness

  • Family related emergencies

The final decision, if a team member can miss a rehearsal or not and still participate in the service, is left to the discretion of the Church Worship Leader.

Once a Month Team Connect & Prayer 

Connect and prayer is mandatory regardless of whether you are scheduled that week or not. 


Worship Team Scheduling

We will rotate singers to allow others to be involved in our worship services. Make sure you have 2 teams of 2/4 singers and they switch off every week or on two, off two can be the schedule. Develops and manages roster and schedule for weekend services. Fills in when needed.


Quick Links

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