Here are some answers to some of our more frequently asked questions regarding Communion.

1. Who can take communion?

We extend an "open" invitation to receive Communion during our weekly sunday service. It is open to any follower of Christ, regardless of denominational affiliation, or spiritual tradition. Anyone who has accepted God’s forgiveness and surrendered their lives to Him is invited to share the Communion meal at Quest Church. Those investigating Christianity who have not yet made a commitment of faith through Jesus Christ are encouraged to simply let the Communion plate pass by, utilizing that portion of the service to pray and invite God's activity into their investigation of faith.

2. How does Quest celebrate communion?

Quest Celebrate Communion every sunday. This time consits of prayer, meditation and then communion. During communion, bread and juice are served.

3. When is Communion celebrated?

Communion is celebrated weekly during every sunday service. We also encourage people to celebrate communion everyday with their families as much as they think about Him. All you will need is a small piece of cracker and a small cup of water.

4. Why is Communion important?

Communion helps us remember all that Jesus has done for us and is still doing for us.

5. Why do we fast?

We fast because it helps us to prepare for and appreciate the sacredness of such a great gift. Fasting reminds us of just what we are doing: receiving the very Body and Blood of Christ. Fasting for an hour helps us to set that time aside for the Lord, lest this very holy gift become common.

6. How should we receive Holy Communion?

As the person ahead of us is receiving Communion we should offer a simple bow of reverence with our head and then step forward. We receive Holy Communion either in our hands or directly on the tongue. If we receive in the hands we should take care that they are clean (as a sign of reverence) and place one hand over the other and raise them up high, forming a throne with our hands to receive Jesus. As the priest or minister places the host in our hands and says "The Body of Christ" we should respond loudly and clearly "Amen."

7. What about (Reconciliation) before receiving Communion?

Anyone who has committed serious sin must receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation before receiving Communion. Receiving Communion is the most intimate expression of our relationship with Jesus. If we have sinned seriously and wounded our relationship with Jesus we must be reconciled with Him before going to Communion.