Core Values

Core Values

Core Values are activities and practices that give direction to our worship of God.


Our Code

1. We are a worshipping church. We are committed to reverencing God based on a Trinitarian understanding.

Bible helps: (Genesis 4:4) (John 4:21-24) (John 14:6)

2. We are a bibliocentric church. We are committed to the Bible as having been

written under divine inspiration and recognizing that it is the authority and guide for life. 

Bible helps: (Deuteronomy 4) (2 Timothy 3:16)

3. We are a praying church. We believe God’s authority and power are revealed to

us and through us when we communicate with Him. 

Bible helps: (Proverbs 15:8) (Mark 11:23-25) (James 5:16-18)

4. We are a compassionate church. We are committed to developing and maintaining a proper relationship with God and to reaching out to others in a manner that is mindful of His love for us.

Bible helps: (Luke 10:25-27) (James 1:27) (I John 5:12)

5. We are a serving church. We are committed to showing Christ-like behavior

toward others through selfless and sacrificial service.

Bible helps: (Luke 10:25-27) (James 5:19-20)

6. We are a giving church. We are committed to the proper use of our time, resources, and spiritual gifts to the glory of God.

Bible helps: (Malachi 3:10) (Luke 6:38) (2 Corinthians 9:6)

Our Practice 

  • We are a church of excellence. We are committed to the practice of doing our very best in all things at all times.


  • Jesus is the center. It’s about: Integrated Priorities

  • We believe big and start small. It’s about: Active Faith

  • We honor one another to glorify God. It’s about: Valuing People

  • 11. We are contributors, not consumers. It’s about: Taking Action

  • 12. We think inside the box. It’s about: Embracing Limitation

  • 13. We don’t maintain, we multiply. It’s about: Ongoing Growth

  • 14. We eat the fish and leave the bones. It’s about: Teachable Attitudes

  • 15. We want to be known for what we are for. It’s about: Promoting Unity

  • 16. We will not take this for granted. It’s about: Expressing Gratitude

Resources: Click Here to Learn More About:

1. Members Covenant

2. Members Confession 

Matthew 22:37 (NLT)

37 "You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind." 

At Quest Church we want to express our Love for God and

our Love for people. Every service, and every ministry within our church is designed

to help people grow in their

love for Him and their

love for others.

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Maple Heights, OH 44137