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Ages 2 to 6th Grade

We provide safe, exciting environments for kids to grow, make friends, and learn relevant truth. Your child will have a blast making friends and experiencing their own victories! Start your Sunday or Wednesday at our safe and secure check-ins. We will answer any questions you may have and gather all the information needed to care for your child in the best, safest way.

You and your child will receive a name tag to be used for pick-up after church at the classroom where they were dropped off.

Planning to visit for the first time?

  1. Fill out a ‘Child Registration’ Form

  2. The Child Registration Form does not have to be filled out prior to your visit, but it will help speed up the process once you arrive!

Youth Teams: 


Toddlers/Pre School (Ages 2yrs-4yrs) 

Introduce to God:

Toddlers (ages 2) will begin to learn about God through age appreciate activities that also exercise both large and small muscle groups. Children (ages 3-4) will learn bible truths through stories and multi-sensory hands-on activities. Music, crafts, puppets and snacks will keep your child engaged. 


Each week, our Toddlers/Pre-School children are engaged to participate in activities centered around one simple idea about how God made them, God loves them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. In addition to participating in their small group environment, children will also enjoy a large group time of music and story that teaches God’s simple truths and a simple memory verse from God’s word.

In our Pre-K environments, children are immediately welcomed into an engaging activity that introduces them to the key concept for the month. As they participate, they will begin to see how they, even at a young age, can apply God’s word to their own lives. Even something as simple as learning “God made the world” can impact them for years to come.

In addition to participating in their small group environment, children will also enjoy a large group time of music and story that teaches God’s simple truths and a memory verse from God’s word.

Club 14 Elementary (Grades K- 4th)

Recognize God:

Your children (ages 5-6) will see how God helps us to know Him and His good plan for us by exploring the Bible. Children (ages 6-9) will develop to identify Christ by the knowledge of His characteristics and then perceive His authentic existence. 

We will spend each month looking at a specific virtue, which is a character trait of God we should have in our own life. Each week, we will look to God’s word to discover how He demonstrates them and how we, in following Him, can make simple applications in our lives.

Kids will be invited to plug into the central topic for the day through interactions with others and leaders in a small group setting. From there, each small group will meet together in the Studio for a time of energetic worship and teaching from God’s word. They will break down a simple truth from God’s word that is relevant and memorable. After that, it’s back to small groups where they will look at that same truth again and learn how to apply it in everyday life.

Club 56 Upper Elementary (Grades 5th- 6th) 

Acknowledge God:

Promote children (ages 10-12) to admit, indicate and make known Christ is real and true by showing, and expressing recognition, appreciation, and gratification of Him and His authority. The teaching consists of a biblically-based interactive lesson and small group discussions where kids can apply what they’ve just learned, pray and build relationships with each other. 

By the time a child leaves fifth grade, we want them to know:

1. I can trust God no matter what.

2. I need to make the wise choice.

3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

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